Video by 12Church focusing on evangelism training

Looking to enhance your skills in evangelism training? Check out the video by 12Church that focuses specifically on this topic. In this video, you will find ten basic evangelism training modules that provide practical tips and guidance. The importance of praying for individuals in your life who may need to know Jesus is emphasized, along with the creation of a prayer list. The video also encourages viewers to be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and provides access to tools and resources mentioned. By incorporating encouragement, vulnerability, and prayer into your relationships, you can effectively share the message of Christ. Other topics covered include sharing your personal story, using resources like “Steps to Peace with God,” balancing relational time, and incorporating evangelism into everyday activities. These simple practices align with Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost, so why not start learning today?

Video by 12Church focusing on evangelism training

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Welcome to this comprehensive article on the basic principles and practices of evangelism training. In this article, we will be diving into the key points discussed in a video by 12Church that focuses on evangelism training. This video offers ten basic modules that can help anyone get started in personal evangelism. We will explore topics such as praying and paying attention to individuals, building relationships, sharing hope, and many more. By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of how to incorporate evangelism into your everyday life and share the message of Christ effectively.

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Overview of the Video

The video by 12Church provides a foundation for evangelism training by offering ten basic modules. These modules are designed to equip individuals with the necessary tools and resources to engage in effective evangelism. The emphasis is placed on the importance of praying and paying attention to the people in your life who may need to know Jesus. By creating a prayer list and consistently praying for those on the list, you can cultivate a heart for the unsaved and seek opportunities to share the gospel.

Additionally, the video highlights the significance of the Holy Spirit in developing relationships. By being open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, you can be led to individuals who are in need of hearing about Jesus. The video also provides access to various tools and resources mentioned throughout the training, which can further assist you in your evangelism efforts.

Encouragement, Vulnerability, and Prayer

Building relationships is a crucial aspect of evangelism. The video emphasizes the power of encouragement, vulnerability, and prayer as three secret weapons in connecting with others and sharing hope. By offering genuine encouragement and hope to those around us, we can demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways. Being vulnerable and asking for help allows for deeper connections to be formed, as it fosters an environment of trust and authenticity.

Prayer is another essential aspect of evangelism. By praying for the individuals on your list and praying with them in their presence, you open the door for God’s work in their lives. Prayer is a powerful tool that can bring about transformation and ultimately lead someone to faith in Jesus.

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Sharing Your Personal Story

Telling your personal story is an effective way to share the gospel. Taking the time to reflect on how you came to faith and where you are now can help you articulate your own journey with Jesus. By embedding the gospel in your story and sharing how Christ has transformed your life, you invite others to consider the message of salvation. Your personal story can serve as a powerful testimony that resonates with others and points them towards Jesus.

Video by 12Church focusing on evangelism training

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Using Resources like ‘Steps to Peace with God’

Being prepared to share the gospel is essential for effective evangelism. The video suggests utilizing resources like “Steps to Peace with God” to help facilitate conversations about faith. Having a brochure or a one-page summary of the gospel message can be helpful in presenting a clear and concise explanation of salvation. By familiarizing yourself with these resources and carrying them with you, you are ready to share the gospel when the opportunity arises.

Balancing Relational Time and Challenging Others

Finding a balance between relational time and challenging others is crucial in evangelism. The video introduces the concept of the invitation challenge matrix, which is a tool for balancing casual relational interactions with a challenge to go deeper. It is important to establish a genuine relationship with individuals but also to invite them to explore their faith in a more profound way. Balancing these two elements allows for a holistic approach to evangelism that recognizes the need for both relational connection and spiritual growth.

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Video by 12Church focusing on evangelism training

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The ‘Seven and Seven’ Principle

The “seven and seven” principle suggests that people need to hear the gospel multiple times and know several genuine believers to respond to it. This principle highlights the importance of persistence and community in evangelism. By understanding that individuals may need to encounter the gospel in various ways and develop relationships with multiple believers, we can approach evangelism with patience and a long-term perspective. This principle encourages us to see evangelism as a process rather than a one-time event.

Incorporating Evangelism into Everyday Activities

Evangelism is not limited to specific activities or events but can be incorporated into everyday life. By recognizing the natural rhythms of life, such as work, play, leisure, and meals, we can find opportunities to engage in evangelism. Simple acts of kindness, intentional conversations, and being open to the needs of those around us can create openings for sharing the love and hope of Christ. It is important to remember that evangelism is not confined to a specific place or time but can happen anywhere and anytime.

Video by 12Church focusing on evangelism training

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In conclusion, the video by 12Church provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles and practices of evangelism training. From praying and paying attention to individuals to incorporating evangelism into everyday activities, the training modules offer practical guidance for engaging in personal evangelism. By emphasizing the importance of relationships, vulnerability, prayer, and sharing personal stories, the video provides a framework for effectively sharing the message of Christ. These simple practices align with Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost and can make a significant impact in the lives of those we encounter.

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